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What are you doing to ensure my food is safe during this pandemic?

In the preparation of our food, we practice proper food handling and safety. We have introduced new measures to ensure our deliveries meet strict new requirements.

All our deliveries will be done with gloves and frozen, we require pre-payment online and will not be handling cash.. We are hand sanitising between each delivery.. The Environmental Health Officer has told us to request that you leave an esky with an ice-pack out on your doorstep. We will ring you 5 minutes before we anticipate we will arrive, so there is no reason for us to have any personal contact. You will be able to retrieve your delicious arancini safely!

Where do you deliver?

We deliver every Friday within 70km's of our Factory at Fairyway Street in Frankston.

There is delivery is a flat fee of $10.

You are also free to select pickup as an option to collect your order at any of the farmers markets we attend across Melbourne.

If you want to know more contact us using the form on this page.

How will my orders be delivered?

They will be delivered in our freezer van and packed in boxes/paper bags (depending on size of order).

Arancini 4 All cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen damage or theft to your order once it is delivered and left in a designated area specified by you. In the event of no contact delivery a text message will be sent to customers number at delivery time. We recommend your delivery is brought inside and stored away correctly ASAP.

What if delivery is not an option for my area?

We will be continually expanding our delivery options. If you would like delivery to your area, contact us and we will look at the feasibility.

What if I'm not home whem you deliver my Arancini?

We recommend leaving an esky with Ice Bricks or frozen Gel Packs in it to keep your delivery as cold as possible until you return home. It is important, however, that you store your Arancini correctly and use them as instructed. If your Arancini defrosts while you are away do not refreeze them.

How long do the Arancini last in the Fridge?

All of our range of Arancini will last 5-7 days in a fridge set at below 5 degrees celsius..

How do I know that your food is Gluten Free?

We’ve had our arancini tested by a microbiologist to make sure, our results were between 0 ppm - <1 ppm.

Do you have Dairy Free Arancini?

Yes Basil & Macadamia nut pesto, & Pickled Heirloom beetroot & Maple.

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