About Us

Hello! Thanks For Being Here…

We are a Mornington Peninsula based, gluten-free arancini business. Having started cooking at markets in 2019, we found there was a demand for gluten-free, vegan, low to no FODMAP arancini that actually taste good.
We have evolved from cooking fresh at markets and festivals to selling sealed, frozen family packs of our range of selected flavours.
Our flavours have been carefully developed to taste as amazing as our arancini look. Equally importantly, we have tried to cater to as many dietary requirements as possible. All our arancini are gluten free. (Tested by a microbiologist for gluten, the results were 0.0 gluten detected in any of our arancini.) We have different ranges of Vegan, vegetarian, No Onion, No Garlic and an Artisan meat range.

If you haven’t come across us before, we’re Crystal and Grant. We’ve been together 15 years, we have two kids, and a year ago we started a market stall and pop up kitchen.
We wanted to create ethical, sustainably sourced, organic, delicious, blow-your-mind-they’re-so-delicious arancini that EVERYONE can eat and enjoy, not just those blessed without food intolerances and allergies.
Our arancini are made with LOVE. We pour our hearts and souls into each an every one.
Crystal grew up with allergies in a food obsessed family. Her folks were the first to introduce vegetarian wholemeal pizza bases in their restaurant, and she remembers people queuing up to eat them. She wanted to do the same and provide delicious options for coeliacs, vegans & fodmap eaters that were original, tasty and wholesome.
One day we created a gluten-free arancini and it was a winner.We now use our 30+ years experience in restaurants, wineries, pubs and cafes, to bring you flavour combinations in our crunchy, golden arancini that foodies, families and fussy eaters devour.
Our motto: no food leaves our kitchen unless it tastes amazing!!! 😊

Crystal, Grant & the A4A Team